Money Coins Cheats Epic Pirates Story on Android

In epic pirates story game, you will go to explore the sea while collecting treasures including coins
Here, you will be tasked to seek revenge for Duke A.Blizzardo, as he was the one who took your father away you will have to involve in battles with barracudas, mermaids, strange undead, monkeys, Indians and fearsome pirates.

epic pirates story review walkthrough

By defeating them and complete each objective of this game you will earn coins as reward
Meanwhile you will also have a chance to search and find treasure for having more resources during your adventure of the sea
Now be a great leader to master the sea and recruit a party of hardened pirates to be your crew for helping you complete each goal.

Collect new weapons and resources then build your own colony
You will start on an lonely island with a small boat to sail on the sea.
Then your party and town will have growth until you are powerful enough to encounter A.Blizzardo.

For such reason you have to gather powerful weapons, build crazy buildings, hold funny events and become the pirate king amongst others.
On the other side you will be striking out in search of treasure and resources for your supply to build the colony.

In addition as being a pirate leader you have to manage your crew, explore islands, get treasures and fight off pirates and monsters.
The building that you are built will be used to create various buildings for your Pirate camp
And this building will be a base of operations for resting and regaining lost energy for you and your crew.

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