Money Crystals Cheats Eternal Kingdom Android

Try to get and manage your resources to expand your kingdom in eternal kingdom game
In this game, you will have the main goal that is to build and grow your kingdom

eternal kingdom tips

Because of this, you have to upgrade your castle and gather resources, improve your barracks and hire armies that later, you can dispatch to various parts of the global map.

In order to expand your kingdom, you will collect five different primary resources namely wood, stone, money, food, and crystals

Afterward, you must improve your warehouse to be able to store more of the resources you have gathered along the game.

Remember to always upgrade your warehouse in order to improve resource-gathering constructions will be for nothing in this game.

Strategy will be the main key to determine the result of the battles.
For such reasons, you have to choose one hero amongst the three mythical races namely humans, elves, and undead then lead your units to greatness

To get more backup, you can hire a hero with special abilities to strengthen your army in battle and lead whatever armies you assign to him

On the other side, you simply get results of whoever won and whatever resources you have collected from that.

Before going to war, you can decide which heroes to recruit by maximizing their special abilities with your army composition.
In addition, you can create strong alliances by adding other players as friends in this game.

The main objective of the game is to sustain and improve your castle while attacking whatever settlements near you to get resources and improve your armies.

In order to collect more resources, you can dispatch your army and conquer other nations to bring prosperity to your kingdom
By conquering neighboring kingdoms, you can gather more resources and upgrade your new city.

Try to participate in the powerful guilds to play with friends and thousands of other players worldwide online

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