Money Funds Cheats Ninja Village on Android

In ninja village game, you will be assigned to get more fund cash by working hard to produce daily need
To survive in this war you will make entire village full of sufficient supply including foods and weapons to be upgraded with fund

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For such reason your followers will do some works such as producing food and making some handicrafts or merchandises that will be sold to passing travelers coming to your village

As a result you will earn funds by selling those goods to the others and producing food supply for your army
So build up your cashflow and house your ninjas then prepare them with training to be the solid troops

As being a leader, you will need to train your fellow ninjas with the use of those newfangled matchlock guns
Give your ninjas with the best gear with a hard training to have some great skills so that they will lead you to victory in the struggle for unification

Some weapons such as the shurikens, the katanas, or simply the general ninja attire with some skills will make them become assassins in the era’s greatest generals along the way
Assign them to infantry, cavalry, gunner and archer unit to form an army fit in the battle

After selecting a battle from the overmap your army will rush into battle
Note that try to put the archer and gunner at the right spot behind other unit as they can attack enemies in long range in the battlefield.
By doing so your cavalry and infantry will move forward to strike enemies smoothly

Arrows fly, bullets ricochet, swords clash, and horses topple will make the combat zone have a crowded between two clans.
During the battle you will watch large-scale battles -especially those that are smaller clashes, utilizing your own personal army rather than the entire shogun.

Once winning the battle you can build up across the land and there will be a real sense of progression throughout, both on the overmap and in your village.

You will only make money in your own village and all you really need to do is keep buying more land and placing shops and workplaces all over it.
Therefore you will spend a good portion of time simply waiting around for money to build up to the point used to buy more forces and upgrade your troops with some items.
Use your money to customize your ninja`s battle gear in which it will increase their skills and ability when fighting against opponents in the battle

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