Money Gems Cheats Mars of Legends Android

Try to accomplish each mission in order to get more money cash when playing mars of legends wrath of god game
In your journey, all you have to do is simple that is to slay the monsters and collect money from it then spend it on them.

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On the other side accomplishing each goal will give you a chance of collecting some items or potions freely as reward
You will move around while pressing on a virtual stick, to even move in diagonals and pressing either an attack button or the other one to attack enemies in the battlefield.

Move your character with the directions key while seeing map to help you follow the correct path in a variety of game scenes and modes, bringing you different game experiences.
After selecting characters and object on the screen you simply hit the button at the right corner at bottom to accept the map and start your journey.

Once the game saved, you have to double click on exclamatory sign to show the screen which has different buttons with different attacks
Some different instructions will be shown to give you the instruction of practicing your skills before facing the highest levels.

The button at the right corner at the bottom is for attacking with the sword and kills the enemies and the four powers are surrounding this button.
You will have cool weapons and potions to fight against any opponent in order to collect money and some free equipments
Afterward upgrade the weapons then unlock special weapon system with perfect stages designs and treasures to add more spice to Mars of Legends game.
In addition having new powerful weapon and occupation systems will make yourself to be the strongest one

You have to kill your enemies coming in your way and as the level and points goes on increasing you will get different powers and you can upgrade the level of your weapons.

When being attacked from both the sides you must be quick to punch them away otherwise they will kill you and you can see your power meter on the screen.
Soon after defeating the bosses you have to save the game at a particular point and start from there from the next time.

You have skill interface introduction to show you the controls of this game in which a spot shining in golden color will give you the sword and extra maps from others
On the other side you can also learn the pre skills and many more options will be stored for you.

Use the sword attack to collect some different powers needed in the battle.
Make sure to repair the damage and regain your powers after having a battle against enemies and the bosses as well.

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