Money Cheats to Get Weapons Stocks for Bunker Android

When playing bunker game, just complete the main goal by attacking the enemy bunker as much as possible
and to destroy the enemies bunker first before they destroy your bunker.

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There will be a lot of players participating in this game so you will have a lot of enemies that will build bunker as yours

Therefore the battles can last endlessly as you have to destroy their bunker to become the high rank commander of this game.
By doing so you will increase the availability of replenishing stocks of weapons and techniques.

Just build a powerful bunker to make you survive any longer when facing enemies attack.
When playing this game, you have no allies and surrounded by dangerous neighbors, so that you have to occupy a strong bunker from which you are to point accurately at enemy positions.

With anything you got, try to fight them back and conquer the high rank of the best commander to show them who is the boss here.

You and your opponents will be equipped with three special sectors namely artillery, infantry, tank division.

For any consideration, they will be your defense as you can direct artillery, infantry, tank division to any of the designated areas in turns.

On the other side you must keep your platoon in safe area as another player will look for where you have placed it.
So find an enemy’s disposition to lead you to gain the victory in a battle.

Do not let the enemies know your platoon and special sectors as you will lose a part of the army, and the bunker will be damaged.

So try to find and destroy the enemies bunker first before they find yours
Try also to strengthen the army and the rear then stay alert of any moves.

In addition getting as much victories on your account will award you special achievements as the higher in the Hall of Fame.

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