Money Cheats for Food Bread Battle Towers Android

In battle towers game, you are tasked to build towers and farms to produce resources as money cash supply for your troops

battle towers tips

Your economy will be relied on bread that you get from farms, as well as your stronghold
Your money will be adjusted in a delicate resource management system

Therefore as supplied with limited food resources, you have to spend wisely on constructions and recruitment, which enhance your defense power, increase your resources, or improve your attacks in the combat.

On the other hand, having a balanced resource for construction and recruitment will be the keys to lead into victorious in this game.

Your defending capabilities will be mostly based on how many towers you have built and upgraded once getting attacked by assaulter.

Every level will offer two castles on the opposite sides of the map, one for you and another for your enemy.

Meanwhile the campaign consists of a series of maps, in which you have to destroy the ork menace trying to attack your kingdom.

Note that you do not have to select a side between the two parties in conflict in that you could drag the same type of structure to the same site to upgrade for better defense or production capacity

In addition, you can also heal the damaged structures once getting attacked before they are going to vanish and then replace them.
So your task is to defend your castle and destroy the enemy’s castle to get more faith points.

In order to get back up, you have to deploy mercenaries and warriors, construct turrets and cottages, upgrade warriors and buildings, defend against enemies’ waves of attack and destroy their main castle tower.

Moreover every level consists of several specific goals such as to destroy the enemy castle, to hire a set number of warriors, cast a set number of spells, or finish the combat within five virtual days.
All of those challenging goals have to be completed to unlock experience

But you definitely to build several types of buildings to place on predetermined positions and several types of soldiers to hire and command their attacks on the enemy stronghold, while your enemy will do exactly the same.

Before going to attack an enemy, you must hire whichever units you need, spend some food, then command an attack.

Afterward, you simply switch your units to an attack mode and tap on any of the enemy’s structures, so that your units set it as a high-priority target.

One important thing is that the structures in the battles can be set up in a few specific spots only like quick shifts between day and night battle

As the game does have night and day cycle and your units are affected by the attacks from the enemy, try to keep time in the day as your warriors are much powerful only during the daytime but are too weak to deliver enemy attacks during the night
For such reason you have to retreat and prepare for the incoming night raid by the enemy.

You will involve more than 40 distinct battles to conquer the land from your enemy, each with detailed environments, unique missions and adjustable difficulty.

Because of this, you can unlock and activate magical abilities while collecting some of the “faith” resource by killing enemies in the battle field.

Once killing an enemy, you will automatically earn some Faith points and with enough Faith points so that you can summon special warriors to release powerful attacks and cast spells to heal your structures.

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