Energy Silver Cheats Hidden Object Mystery Estate on Android

You can get more silver and high score points by completing each quest in hidden object mystery estate game

hidden object mystery estate guides

Jut make sure to complete some of the tasks such as installing another app that you can easily delete afterwards so that you can earn a lot of silver for free by doing so.

Once getting those silvers, you can also unlock exclusive crime scenes and unlock different new buildings and decorations for your League’s Mansion.

So all you have to do is to analyze an image or a scene and find mentioned objects to complete the puzzle and continue in the story.

To do your job easier, you can simply tap on the object you have to find and zoom in on the image.
Therefore, you will be allowed to build your own mansion for the “secret League” completed with its own set of decorations.

You have to complete the quests and find the missing objects so that you can enter the League, which is the number one team for protecting the artifacts.

You will also be challenged to build your prestige by building a luxurious estate and by completing the levels.

During selecting the objects in the scenes, you will get more points if you identify all the objects first and then click on all of them immediately one after another.

Try to build more buildings and decorations on your estate to build prestige and to unlock further scenes.

Just finish the scenes as fast as possible to earn higher rewards including some points and silver.
Always click on the star when the building construction time is over to earn the prestige points.

Decorations will have 0 construction time, so you can use them instead of buildings if you only need a few prestige points to open a new scene.

Remember to use the expand feature every time you get out of space to place buildings and decorations, but you must take advantage of the space you have as it will cost you a lot of silver.

Use your energy wisely and think quickly in the right time
You will need energy to analyze a crime scene and proceed further in the game in that you have 40 energy to analyze or play 4 crime scenes at a time
Because of this, you can refill the energy each time you level up your character or let your character rest for a while.

Once completing each scene, you will get prestige or experience whereby you can level up and unlock new crime scenes by having those prestige points and experience that you can investigate to further scenes.

Note that you will be allowed to do all taps for 5 seconds so if you just start tapping in a desperate attempt to find an object while analyzing a crime scene you will run out of time.
Thus try to score a combo and get a high score by completing each object within 5 seconds.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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