Crystals Cheats Mother of Myth on Android

When playing mother of myth game, be sure to get keys to play in some quests
Early on, you will have to pick your own character, then you will be led to go through numerous dungeons on a quest that will guide you to unfold the story along the game.

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After selecting one of them, you will have loads of customizations in which you will have four different skills which are activated by different swipe shapes namely a straight line, a V, a circle, and a lightning bolt shape.

In accordance with these four different skills, you can activate them with different sweep motions, in which those skills will often help you in getting out of a complicated situation.

You can then utilize all four of these skills as often as possible for the biggest advantage in battle, especially against tough opponents.
Throughout the game, keys are like your energy, in that you will have to use each of them to play a quest or a dungeon.
Normally, you will spend your crystals to get extra keys or you can just wait for half an hour to recover one of them.

However, you will be able to recover the keys without waiting or spending crystals by setting the time ahead on your phone.
According to this, you can set it ahead by half an hour per key that you need to get back.

Afterwards, you can go back to the game to get your keys back.
Once getting your keys, you can go back to the date and time settings and set the time back to normal, then you can go back to the game for having free keys.

During the game play, you will have a tough time with plenty of stages.
In line with this, you can then go back to an older stage and play it over
Moreover, if yo can keep doing this, you can gain experience levels and will be stronger one as well
On the other side, you will earn more coins and gems, as well as some more craft items.

After getting enough gold, you can use it to purchase more weapons, armor and other goodies
Meanwhile, you can make use of all of those enhancement stones that you earn in quests.

You can also save your advanced stones for as long as you can because they will help when your chance of a successful enhancement with a normal stone drops below 40 percent.

Both gold and crystals are the game’s currency that you can use to purchase weapons, rare weapons and more equipments to customize your character.
Make sure to spend gold wisely on weapons, in which if you equip your hero with better weapon they will easily get their victory and defeat dungeons in the game.
At the same time, save up your crystals so that you can spend them on rare weapons and armor that will give you huge enhancements.

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