Gold Cash Cheats Motocross Meltdown on Android

Motocross Meltdown is a new motocross racing game, where you will race in various competitions, like in pure speed, speed and style, trick competitions, and even high jumping competitions to show off your mostly insane stunts.

motocross meltdown guides

Furthermore, as making some progresses through the game, you will move up that will allow you to buy upgrades and better motorcycles, and unlock new racing tiers.

In the beginning of every race, you will have to hit start right when the green light on in which if you have made a nice start you will get a perfect start score.

In line with this, just wait until the circle is inside the ring on the right side of the screen to hit
After the circle is completely inside, you will make a perfect score for that segment as well.
When beginning your start, just hold down on the button until the green text telling you to let go rev up your engine as quick as possible.

Throughout the game, gold and cash are the two main types of currency in which you need to beat every challenge in order to unlock the next move.
Moreover, the daily gauntlet, the ladders and the exhibitions are your challenges that you have to conquer for being a champion.

According to this, simply play these and climb through the levels, and so that you will earn cash through each race gradually
However, if you can beat all of the ladders for a tier, a bunch of cash will come to you as your bonus reward later on.

To get your motorcycles run well along the game, they will be going through some upgrades first whereby those upgrades will help you win the races
On the other side, having engine upgrades will make you go faster, while control and grip upgrades especially for tires and suspension will help you corner harder and exit turns at the right moment.

Dropping the weight will increase your speed and decrease your grip, as well as engine and exhaust
For such reasons, make sure to upgrade the motorcycle regularly.

Decals sponsor will grant you extra cash for every round you are playing.
So just purchase new sponsor decals for your helmet, your bike and your jacket.

In addition, you can also upgrade your tricks as they can put your over the edge in three out of the four competition types including speed, style, tricks, and high jumps.
And they can also help you to finish first in speed and style in each the competition.

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