Popcorn Coins VIP Cheats MoviePop on Android

When playing movipop movie trivia game, you have to free coins to unlock new categories and power ups
Therefore, you simply view a series of film clips and identify each one as quickly as possible.

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Besides, some movie genres or categories will be still locked unless you have coins to unlock them.
Furthermore, having a lot of coins will give you access to unlock new movie categories and you can also use them to buy power-ups.

Playlists in this game will determine which genre you will answer questions that there will be five clips to identify.

In line with this, you will choose your poison but if you do not like with the three genre choices you are offered, you can shuffle them for popcorn that is the main currency currency or referred to as “power ups” of this game.

Furthermore, you will use the list of answers provided, identify the movie the clip is from.
The you have to answer every single question quickly, in order to get higher score.

However, if a movie clip has you stumped, you can use power-ups or popcorn to take away some of the false answers in the multiple choice list.

In order to get free power ups, all you have to do is just log into the game with Facebook to play this game through your account.
By doing so, you will receive free power-ups for signing on with Facebook as well.

In addition, having VIP Passes will give you a lot of advantages in this game.
According to this, you can manage up to 80 games at once, and can chat with your friends as you want.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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