Gold Coins Cheats My Talking Tom on Android

If you are playing my talking tom tamagotchi game, be sure to like the fanpage of the game to get free gold and cash

my talking tom tips

Gathering gold coins in this game will be just pretty simple as you will merely play in-app mini games and give your thumbs up for this app on on Facebook while progressing to the next level later on.

When playing this app in mini game, try to keep spamming finger taps on the busiest lane as you will bag all the mice easily.
Doing so will come to the coins as you just keep tapping on the lane to make them move up towards kitty then tap them to collect when they are nearby.

In accordance with coin-earning activities, participate in a few promotional offers to have a chance of collecting some free coins.

Once collecting enough coins, you can use to purchase some locked items before going to the appropriate level for further.

In the way of treating the kitty, you will simply keep a close eye on hunger levels from time to time, and top up the food as needed.

You can also serve more delicious treats to the kitty
Go the kitchen then tap anywhere on the screen

According to this, you can see different foods, potions, and treats that will have a different impact on your cat’s hunger levels

Therefore, pay attention to what bonuses are available to help you solve a problem you might be having as this will help you access certain foods and level up your cat.

Besides food, your cat will also need shelter to comfort it while playing with you
On the other side, it also wants your attention constantly

For such reasons, just tap on your cat over the screen in order to play with him and his playtime happiness icon will slowly work its way up towards 100% in stats.

Before playing with him, you can customize him with new outfits like giving your cat a hat, glasses, changing his fur type and the color of his eyes as well.
You can realize all of them by purchasing power ups once you have reached the appropriate level.

To give him more attention, you will have to make him sleep restfully after eating and playing.
Anytime you go off to do something other than play the game, go to the bed section and bag some shut-eye while you are absent.
When try to make him sleep, make sure to turn the light off by tapping on the lampshade though.

In addition, you can also make over my kitchen by tapping on the shopping trolley icon then tapping on the word Kitchen.
Afterward, you can change the wallpaper, blinds, refrigerator type and tablecloth

Note that, certain items will be available when you have reached a certain level, so keep checking back to see what you can make all perfect to grab more coins.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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