Credits Cheats MyNBA2K14 on Android

Playing mynba2k14 game will get you to earn virtual currency or vc through game modes
This game will allow you to play against other players and their teams for win-loss record supremacy and special rewards.

mynba2k14 guides

Moreover, this game gives you an access to the latest NBA scores, along with two new game modes which are MyGame and MyTeam Mobile that will allow you to access the NBA 2K14 console experience at any time and from any location.

Through a card game called MyTeam Mobile, you can earn Virtual Currency or VC and you can also collect cards of over 400 current NBA players and have a match against other NBA fans.

Meanwhile, MyGame mode will grant you to earn Virtual Currency or VC for your console games while on the go that will be up to 2000 VC every 24 hours
Plus, you can also enjoy direct and real-time access to leaderboards, MyPLAYER profiles, and win or loss records and stats from MyCAREER.
Furthermore, the new MyTeam Mobile will allow you to build a card collection of current and former NBA players and battle other MyTeam competitors.

In order to win every match, you have to win the number battles against players for the specific match-ups that the game throws at you for each quarter.

For such reasons, you can use this to win in quick game mode so that you will be able to earn more VC, which can then be spent on more and better player cards, as well as to win draft picks.

Smart team management will be with you in drafting new players and with winning as well.
In line with this, just make sure that all of your players are playing in their standard position to prevent statistical shortfalls due to players who are not in position.

On the other side, you can also use the training mode and combine cards in order to power up players who need a boost.
For further, you can train your players by picking one single card as your benefactor card, then picking a number of unrelated cards in order to level up the benefactor card.

Try combining cards that will give you a stronger statistical boost
At this point, you can do that by taking two identical player cards and merging them together.
If one of your player cards is stronger than the other due to training, pick the stronger card first.

In addition, make sure to keep as many cards as possible on your roster as every card in this game has its own energy rating
Thus, if you have more cards, you will be able to switch cards out as needed in order to maximize the amount of time that you can spend when playing the game.

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