Fish Cheats Naughty Kitties on Android

When playing naughty kitties game, you must complete the main goal that is to defend your airship form the attack of flying robots that will earn you extra coins

naughty kitties tips

In line with this, you will put the talents of a number of gun toting kittens and a wrench-toting alpaca so that you can eliminate the wave of enemies and to rack up the meters flown and collect coins as well.

Playing this game will require hearts as your energy, and every move will need one heart
And, if you lose all of your hearts you will not be able to play again until you recover at least one of them within specific times.

For such reasons, if you want to restore your free hearts instantly, you can do following tricks
Firstly, go to the date and time setting on your phone or tablet
Secondly, and set the time ahead by 15 minutes times the number of hearts that you need to restore.
Thirdly, go back to the game and your energy will be back as you hope.

After doing such tricks, keep the time normal on your phone, then go back to the settings and put the time right back to normal.
As a result, just go back to the game, and you get noticed that your full heart or energy bar will still be intact.

In the way of getting the daily bonuses for free, you can set the clock one day ahead on your phone about an hour, or so then go back to the game and collect your bonus.
You can do this if you want to get more free bonus for further.

As making some progresses through the game, remember not to upgrade the weapons first, but you can spend your coins on upgrading the alpaca with the wrench so that you can go long distances.
Doing so will give you an access to pass more rounds in the game due to the speedier repairs, while still shooting at enemy robots as well.

In addition, if you want to defend your base, you can put and pick only two cats to take on a mission with you, rather than putting three of them in the same time.

According to this, if you have three of the same cat on the ship, their performance will speed up, but their energy will run out faster.
On the other side, you can also remove cats from the deck at any time without placing them on the ship in which it is to ensure you have a specific unit on hand.

During the play, you can use your weapons such as a ship-specific laser and one type of power-up gadget—such as a distance-boosting propeller that can be manually discharged as you want.

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