Ammo Health Cheats Neon Shadow on Android

In neon shadow game, try to get and save purple canisters to refill your health and stamina
Health is needed to take every action in this game whereby you have to pay attention when using it throughout missions available for you

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In related to this circumstance, you must locate purple canisters as they will regenerate about 25 health on your meter
And you are bound to run out quickly if you are attacked by enemies during in the gun combat.
At this point, if you have been at full health, try to save one of these canisters for the last actions.

Use the shotgun as a heavier stream of firepower when you come to dealing with a group of enemies as it automatically reloads and gives you a short-burst weapon with a capable of taking out turrets with a single well-aimed blast.

Use the assault rifle with crates on the ground when you spot them in long range.
To make a great effect at any incoming enemies in massive amount, you can use the grenade launcher as this is an even smaller burst weapon than the shotgun, but it leaves behind plenty of explosive presents for those pesky robots.

Moreover, you can take out several at a time with a well-timed blast so that you can earn a multiplier award, or a temporary “double damage” power-up that lets you clean up on enemies even quickly.

All of you weapons will definitely need ammunition
In line with this, you can find more ammunition for the assault rifle when you look out for crates on the ground colored blue then pick them up for having an additional 60 bullets.
On the other side, try to keep on the lookout for crates or stick with your shotgun until you have managed to get a refill.

When dealing with “dog” robots, you can take them up in one clean shot using the shotgun.
If you meet flying robots, try to stop and concentrate on a single shot after a few seconds at a time. Use this opportunity to lock onto them with your shotgun or another weapon then destroy them.

Using this will also help you have auto-aim turned on that will also allow you to get a better bead on these fast-moving guys, so that you can destroy them smoothly.

Try to destroy turrets by taking them out easily with a bit of concentrated firepower.
Stay alert of their laser lightings because if they lock onto you they will open fire.
So keep moving, target them, and take them out as fast as possible.

Sentries units in this game absolutely need a lot more firepower than the average robot.
Therefore, use the grenade launcher on them in order to take them out completely.

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