Money and Weapons Cheats Nun Attack Android iPhone

In nun attack game, you can join the battle of light against darkness.
And you have to lead your team to beat the Fallen Nun and restore balance to the World in this epic tactical action game

nun attack new update

So read these following strategies to accomplish 40 missions including multiple levels where you can experience more than 150 battles, 3 epic bossfights and a final, climatic face-off with the Fallen Nun

You have to protect Leader as she ventures toward the inevitable battle.
You can explore multiple worlds, equip your nuns with the most badass arsenal, level them up and fend off waves of enemies and bosses, beating some holy into hundreds of demons.
Just press and drag your team toward the end of each overworld stage in that they need to deflect purple masses that bystander portals launch toward them with perpendicular swipes.

Try to deflect a purple flame in which it will careen back into the portal for some damage.
After doing so you will earn a point reward
Note that destroying portals is the only chance you have at achieving a three stars in each stage.

Choose your character among three nuns such as the one-eyed Slayer, the indomitable Tank and the peaceful but stern Medic each with a unique personality and super power
After choosing your best character you just touch and drag their nuns toward enemies to attack, with each weapon offering unique power and firing rates.

You will be frantically touching and dragging their nuns to attack different baddies and to defend their friends.
In every mission each nun has a special unique power like the Slayer’s combo of invisibility and one-hit kills for a moment or the Tank’s temporary defense boost.

To compound upon the statistics shoved into each firearm, many guns can inflict enemies with stun, slow, fear, charm and plenty other status effects.
You can select 80 different guns with various effects such as Poison, Shock, Freeze, Burn, Stun, Slow, DOT, AoE, Knockback, Fear, and Charm

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