Gems Cheats Online RPG Avabel on Android

When playing rpg avabel online game, try to beat any villain for having item rewards including ge, G’s and gold cash
Then, you can select from one of six classes such as a Rogue, Warrior, Ranger, Magician, Creator, or Acolyte and you can change your class after reaching Level 5 by locating and speaking to the Class NPC or in the Revere.

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Later on, you will get allowance to change your class repeatedly until you reach Level twenty in this game.
After choosing your character, you will have your adventure to scale two floors then discover and defeat three different types of monster so that you will earn items, which can be exchanged for the in-game currency at the Item Shop.

The Item Shop will give you and access to buy and sell items that you can collect during your adventure. To purchase items you have to use G’s, the currency in the game that use to buy and collect.
In line with this, you can collect G’s when you defeat monsters or complete certain achievements.

And, on the first floor, Sonaria you will meet three different types of monsters which are Emu, Leaf Liz, Orc in which you must defeat any monster to collect items which you can sell for G’s at the Item Shop.

Then you will go to the second floor called Wibos, and you will also meet the three monsters on this floor that are called Oost, Kodora, BattleBee.
Meanwhile, at the name base there will be nine shops that you can visit which every of them serves a very different purpose that will help you on your adventure through Avabel.

When you talk to the Quest NPC you can accept daily and required quests whereby they will be your key to move on to the next floor and progress through the game.

Every time you accomplish daily quests, you will be able to collect extra Jexp.
In general,you can collect Jexp each time when you defeat a monster, but accepting quests will also give you more Jexp.

Once collecting Jexp, you can use it to level up certain skills you have depending on your class.
Thus, the more Jexp points you have, the more you can upgrade your class skills.

This game will also allow you to form allies and join guilds to fight against other parties.
If you wish to team up with some other players for a short time to defeat monsters, then you can either create or join a party.

Party’s will also share experience points too, so if someone kills a monster in the game, the other players in the party will receive shared experienced points that can help you level up your character.

Together with your team, you can accomplish your missions easily
In the missions, you can accept different missions which you can see how many monsters you can defeat in the shortest amount of time.
At this point, you can either go solo or team up with other players to get your missions completed successfully and collect some items.

In addition, you can go on adventure in the dungeons where you can defeat monsters until you find the boss of the dungeon in which you will also earn a bunch of items after completing it.

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