Fuel Hull Cheats Out There on Android

When playing out there game, you must focus on maximizing the gains and make sure both of your ship’s stats close to 100% and a full set of resources in the cargo hall.
Once getting your ships full of resources, you can go up to the galaxy

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Furthermore, when you come to go for three planets namely, fuel, rocky and breathable, it would be better to visit the breathable one as you can replenish Oxygen and encounter the aliens.

Afterward, you can go to the rocky planet to harvest all the iron that while repairing your ship to 100% and stashing as much as possible before leaving for the fuel planet.
Make sure to fill up your tanks, store as much as possible before flying away to a new galaxy.

In line with this, try to keep at least two cargos of fuel and one of Fe
And, if you get the technology to be able to harvest stars, you will not worry about fuel again.
Besides, with technology, you can scan each planet for the resources to harvest for your need.

When having been on the space, there will be random events that can cause you some damage that is from losing fuel and oxygen to getting bits of equipment destroyed in which anything can happen at any given time so that prepare the elements required to repair the broken stuff during your adventure.

In accordance with elements, alpha is a good element to have for such incoming occurrences
On the other side, be sure to check out the items required to repair the equipment you have installed and carry a few with you.

After making some nice progresses through the game, you will get a chance of upgrading your ships to bigger ones so that you will have cargo space means more space for installing equipment and carrying resources as much as possible.
Anyway, make sure your ships is equipped with the telescope that will make you explore the galaxy from the inside of your ships.

Therefore, just transfer all the stuff you have on your current ship to the new ship, and dismantle all the equipment in your old ship, transfer it to the new ship then use it to rebuild the equipment on the new ship, so that you can go to space with extra cargo room
Meanwhile, having some advanced technologies will give you advantage like the one that allows you to harvest suns is great for fuel

Moreover, try to have even better ones that allow you to see what kind of planets are in the star system in which you can go for anomalies and breathable planets
Remember that always stay away from black holes if you do not have the tech

Due to playing this game regularly, you will understand what ship design works best for you.
According to this, you will also get experience that will give you knowledge of switching technologies whereby you can end up losing vital ones that make it impossible to switch ships.

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