Extra Points Cheats Paperama on Android

Paperama is like a origami game, where you will touch the on-screen paper to fold it into the shape indicated by the dotted lines.

paperama tips

Here, you can practice the delicate art of Japanese paper-folding where you can develop real origami skills while accumulating achievements.

Throughout the game, you will be provided with a limited number of moves, so efficiency is the important
Later on, every time you complete each level, you will be rewarded with points which you can use to buy hints that will guide you to complete one level to another.

Sometimes, some levels are just too hard to get through on your own
Anyway, the given paper can be unfolded and re-folded as many times as you want.

Lining up the edges will test your precision while you have to fold exactly inside the lines for racking up your points score

When playing this game, you can try twisting your finger around in a circle if you are just a few points away from perfection.

Different folds will call for you to drag the paper from different points in that it will be important to recognize when you will drag from a corner and when you drag from an exposed side.
So you can stick to line up each edge on that way.

After getting through some levels, your big moves will should come first
Anyway your first moves should get rid of as much surface area of the paper you can cover.

When working on level 3, all of your moves will make the paper half as big as it was before.
Try to fold straight down to make a rectangle, then to the right to make a quarter-size square.
Then your last move will get you to fold the square into a triangle from the corner.

Every move you take will get rid of half of the paper, so you can quickly make the tiny triangle you need on that paper.
Remember, you only have a few turns to complete any of these levels.

After going through five levels, you will get a few hint points that you can use to make the most advantageous move later on.

You can also use hint points to start with an unknown level, so you can make your first move.
Moreover, this will start you off with the strongest hint possible.

In addition, if you are missing a star in any level, you can always retry it until you get above the minimum score.
Replaying a level will be fun as you will get more experiences and more points as well.

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