Crystals Gold Cheats Paramon for Android

Just get more gold through battles then get gems with it when playing paramon 4inch game
With more gems, you have an advantage and a chance of enhancing your monsters ranging from 40% chance to 100% chance based on the enhancement gem that you have.

paramon tips

So you can gather gems with gold that you can get them by any other way
Basic gems will cost your gold in which you can earn a bunch of gold from battling, without having much to spend it on

In line with this, you can spend your gold on as many enhancement gems as as you need in order to pass the tough battles.
Moreover, by renting your training grounds to the other player, you can collect gold as well

Your main goal is to build a team of monsters, to go on missions, and to battle your monsters against other players’ monsters in this new anime-style monster battle.

Going through so many levels in this game will come to many different monsters to battle, and many different monsters to collect as well that is over 200 monsters total.

Every tome the battles start, monsters will become tougher and tougher very quickly.
And if stuck on a certain battle, you have two option that will either power up your monsters, or get better monsters as soon as possible.

For such reasons, you can go back to previous battles and fight them again for experience points so that you can power up your monsters in quick way.

When doing so, just hit the skip button or the timer for every battle to make them go by far more quickly.

Getting involved in many battles will give you more chances to get more tarot cards so that you can possess as many pets as possible.
With just four pets, you will be able to unlock the training grounds.

According to that statement, you can place your monsters in another player’s training grounds to get them leveled up quickly

On the other side, renting your training ground out will give you gold from other players.
Thus, just add more players for more potential training grounds to use.

In addition, besides collecting gold from the rent of your training grounds, you can also earn a lot of bonuses as you go through the game.
And, you can go to your items menu then start using the bonuses to use like the enhancement stones.

Making some progresses through the missions will unlock new ways to enhance your pets and your strategies for further missions.

So just tap anything in your Pet Center or in your main map with a lock over it then see what the descriptions say to unlock it.

In one of the descriptions, you will be able to evolve your pets after you beat the Young Golem in Crystal Hills.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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