How to Pass All Levels in Spirits Android

Tips to lead the spirits home in spirits game
Just lead the spirits without using direct control
And change the direction of the wind, or through the building line to continue the journey.


Try to sacrifice minimum spirits to complete the following four action
build a bridge of the leaves
create a drift cloud
stop airflow into a region.

Always take wise strategy and innovative ways to have leaves spirits cross obstacle to reach its destination.

Try to send spirits home through various means bypass obstacles then let spirits float to white whirlpool.

Just click the spirits to walkand launch special skills such as wind point that is to change the direction of the wind and to get through the land into a plant.

Just sacrifice an elf in order to get the way spirits met over the high pitched
Let an elf become a climbing upward of cane, such other spirits can get through.
Choose cane growth starting point to build something like stair as the same high pitched so do not let too many elves into cane as it might try other ways to save the life of the spirits.

Sacrifice one or more elves and let them get through the land in order to the back of the elves from hole drill out to a destination.

Choose to play the hole location such as a thin land to sacrifice an elf.
When the land is covered with sharp spines or vortex in the air, sacrifice an elf Cinderella wind point, through it to blow out the wind blew air other elves.
However it still needs players sacrifice one or more spirits, manufacturing several wind point to become a wizard home obstacles in order to make an elf change the direction of the wind.

Change the natural wind direction to build more often than wind point have effect.
Make the spirits collect plant.
Try to let the total 826 spirits all go home, and collect up to 159 plants in 47 levels.

Always looking for a path, and detailed planning spirits use skills, to do with the minimum of the sacrifice that most spirits go home.

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