Crowns Cheats Pele King of Football on Android

Playing pele king of football will get you to swipe and flick 10 balls one by one through all the obstructions to make some goals and scores
You will get a free kick where you will get defended by a goalkeeper at the top and a number of defenders in between in each level to make a goal.

pele king of football guides

In getting more points, you must land the ball in tougher spots such as corners of the goal.
If you hold down your finger and drag it in different directions as you flick, you can perform some cool movements, such as spinning or curving the ball.
Note that do not ever get three misses on your shot, as it will make you fail the level.

Later on, this game also provides power-ups, such as a Fireball that will help you disintegrate the first obstacle it touches and a Freeze ball to hold all obstructions in their places.

As you progress through the game you will receive the options to use certain power ups.
These power ups will give yo can advantage to make a better shot that will come to more goals

You can try apply Ice power power up when facing too many defenders in your way to goal, and there is no clear gap or opening to shoot towards
Using the Ice power up will temporarily freeze the defense and stop them from moving this will allow you to shoot through a gap which was not previously there so that you can make a goal.
There is also the option of buying power up clothing.

In order to gain maximum points there is a scoring system on where you place a shot in which it works by rewarding each goal with either one, two or three stars.
So to get more stars, try to make goal at the top corner than goals towards the center of the goal.

On the other side, you can also maximize your points in an embedded mini game for your final match shot which requires you to follow the pattern on the screen.

Anyway to reach the highest score, it will be useful to pay attention to these shots and make sure you score as extra points are rewarded for scoring this type of goal.
A good technique to pass through defenders is to hold and wait to strike the ball when defenders are running across the screen.

They will move in certain patterns and there will more than likely be a gap left to score.
And if there is no space there, you can use the Magnet power up to struck at a defender.

In addition, sometimes in some situations will seem difficult to score from when this occurs putting swerve on the ball can help to maneuver the ball around defenders, and also fools the goalkeeper.
This trick will be usually useful with headed shots, as it is difficult to put direction on headers, so try to swerve the header to make it right.

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