Bucks Coins Cash Cheats Perfect Kick for Android

You can collect more cash with more matches to win when playing perfect kick game
The main objective of this game is to make every goal that will lead you to be the winner

perfect kick tips

So winning every match will earn you a handful of currencies to be used to pick up new items so that you will have a little more power or finesse when making your shots and saves as well.

Furthermore, you can also use this currency to take part in each match then move up the leagues the stakes even getting higher and higher.

Just make the low shots right along the bottom of the goal-mouth playing a match against a random opponent online.

It is caused by the toughest spot for the goalkeeper will read as an approach and a landing spot.
Then short finger-swipe into the bottom left or right hand corner of the net will win you a surprising number of shootouts.

Do not make your move in hurry when playing in goal.
The speed and angle of the approaching shot will determine your goal and neither go too early, not too late during the play

Try making a curve to your shots to win more matches with your positioning, rather than shaping the kick.

Try also focusing on refining your accuracy and applying the correct power to get into the more advanced techniques.

Making the high lob will also increase more chances to make more goals.
Kick high and down the center, but apply only a little bit of force as your opponent will react too early to this shot, so that they find themselves lying down on the ground that will make the ball touch the net

Before going to play, you can go to the equipment screen and scroll through any of the gear available to you to be equipped in every match.

You can pick white items as this will not cost you any money
However, some items marked in green will require some coins either those you got from the game or from your wallet via the in-app purchase store.
To save your money, you can always equip the white items to remain competitive throughout the game.

Try to flick your finger directly to send the ball off in your chosen direction
Adjust the power to make your shot in that it will be determined by the speed with which you moved your finger.

When performing that action, you will need to very carefully judge the power and direction of the striker’s shot, while focusing on the time your directional swipe to block the incoming ball with caution.
Try practicing them while making a little curve to the shot for more goals.

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