Gold Coins Cheats Pirate Bash on Android

Pirate Bash is a turn-based physics action game, you will be allowed to build a hearty crew full of swashbuckling pirates that pits you and your rag-tag brigade of pirates against enemies that you will encounter all over levels in this game.

pirate bash tips

Later on, you have to try to defeat all of the enemies within a certain amount of turns in which it will gain you the level rewards
For such reasons, precision will be the most important thing here
So try to aim carefully, and make sure to reference your old trajectories when making new shots to enemies line

During in the battle, you will be able to use a barrel tosser
To use this, you simply launch it, then you have a small window of time afterwards to tap again to detonate the barrel.

This barrel will deliver decent damage and it usually takes out obstacles and debris quickly.
At this point, if it gets hit by anything else afterwards with enough force, it will detonate automatically.

After going through some progresses, you will have the recommended pirates that will accompany you to accomplish the next levels
In line with this, you can bring them with you as some levels are just better suited towards specific pirates, such as a level with a stairway like landform that ascends upwards.

When your pirates get an upgraded weapon, they will unlock their inner abilities which can be used once per level
Thus, just utilize them if the situation calls for it, such as the barrel pirate’s ability calls down 3 barrels in random spots.

Furthermore, you will be able to access some different weapons such as bladed weapons, the bow and harpoon, that will do excellent damage against enemy pirates and hardly dent obstacles, though.

Also, you can use heavy duty weaponry such as the explosive barrels and cannonballs for clearing out debris, but they will not deliver as much damage as the bladed weapons.

In the of gathering some silver coins, you can find new gear by opening silver or gold chests using keys then you will get better gear that will automatically replace your pirates’ old gear.

And you can get them with an instant power boost, or you can manually upgrade their current gear.
Here, you can also go into your crew and check out your individual pirates to see their weapon, chest piece, and head piece.

Head pieces increase HP and attack power while chest pieces only increase HP.
You can simply tap on a piece of equipment to level it up by either 1 or 5 levels.
Each individual item will come to its own maximum level, so if you get yourself outclassed by the enemies you deal with, you can try upgrading your equipment until you find better one.

In your attempt to fully complete the levels, getting a gold skull on a level is the main key as you will be rewarded with a variety of gemstones.
You will absolutely need these gemstones to upgrade each pirate, in which you can get them by accomplishing the levels.

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