Gems Cheats Pirates of Everseas for Android

Playing pirates of everseas game will assign you to complete a goal that is to build up your island and to produce as many of the main resources as possible namely gold, food, wood and iron

pirates of everseas tips

Then, you have to construct ships and use your smitheries to make weapons for your pirates for conquering the other island and collecting more resources

After everything has been done well, you can then send your fleets out on expeditions to destroy your opposition and explore around the world of sea.

In order to become more powerful in this game, all you have to do is to build more ships, load them up with pirates and equip them, then stick them in your fleet.

Besides, you will also need to have your houses upgraded and more houses built in order to increase your population in your island.

Moreover, you can then build more piers, and build more ships in the shipyard.
So if you have the better piers, you will be able to build more ships even bigger ones.

Once making some progresses throughout the game, you can level up your already-existing ships sending them out on more voyages, battling against the various monsters that pop up along the way, as well as trying to conquer other players’ islands.

If you want to earn more resources, just make sure you send them into battles that you are sure you can win that battle for your glory.

Before going for voyages and battling with other players, you have to equip your pirate ships with better weapons by upgrading your blacksmith, gunsmith and foundry.

Equipping your pirates with swords will be better for attacking enemy with 2x damage in the battle
You can also use axes to attack monsters with 2x damage as well.
Except swords and axes, you can guns and cannons to blow enemies from long range.

If you want to earn gold quickly, you can max out your number of farms, then keep planting and harvesting carrots over and over again.

Besides, if you want to collect more wood, you can attack monsters, rival pirates, and explore wreckages that you can do during the voyages.

In addition, except gold and wood, gems are the premium currency of the game in that you are able to gather them for free by completing the various quests in the game and collecting the rewards.
Once collecting enough gems, you can spend them on building a second fleet.

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