Crystal Swords Cheats Pixel Gun 3D for Android

Pixel Gun 3D is like a traditional first-person shooter where you keep your right hand on the right side of the screen to control your aim and direction

pixel gun 3d guides

Meanwhile, you move around the map with your heroes with the left side, including strafing from side to side on the screen.

On the other words, all you will do is to jump, shoot while reloading your weapon and gathering more coins scattered on the screen in each stage.

In the beginning of the game, you will be served with cooperative mode, where you can put together four players locally in a group to eliminate a group of zombies and other monsters.
Playing this mode will give you coin payouts if your team manages to make it through the room.

On the other side, you can part in the survival campaign where you can play online with local friends to team up with them
Moreover, as being a solid squad, you will face off against plenty of enemies together.

This game will supply you three main weapons including your primary, your secondary and your melee that you can use in the game.

Early on, you will start using an assault rifle, pistol and knife
Later on, you can upgrade these in the armory using coins that you have earned throughout each mission or online battle with your team.

Yo can then arm your hero with various weapons such as a Colt pistol, a heavy machine gun, an AK47 and other ones.

So if you have a bunch of coins, you can start shopping around and see what each of the different weapons deliver an impact for you.
You can try to use the AK-47, that has the ammunition packs for more that the other ones.

Besides weapons, you must purchase shields to protect you from enemy hits.
As making progresses through the game by completing some missions, they will automatically open up for you to purchase.

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