Credits Cheats Play to Cure Genes in Space on Android

Play to Cure Genes in Space is a space shooter with a twist game
Here, you will play and collect valuable item named element alpha
Also, you will also help scientists in the UK to analyze DNA from cancer cells, so that you can research for diagnosing and healing it.

play to cure genes in space tips

By collecting Element Alpha and navigating your spaceship through the space, you will help scientists to discover cancer causing genes and develop new life saving treatments as usual.

You can also maximize your profits by trading your Element Alpha when the market is positioned on high or sell that you can exchange for a guaranteed return

On the other side, in order to get to the asteroid fields, you will have to sign up and log in the game so that you can go through the asteroid fields later on.
For such reasons, you will require a lot of quick last-second turns in which you can also pick up the glowing orbs for the exp boosters.

The difficulty of the asteroids will be the number one way to boost your experience gain.
It is caused by every asteroid that you shoot and blow apart or split in half will increase another multiplier to the experience gain.

Moreover, every exp booster in form of glowing globe will also add another multiplier
Thu, try to stack them for massive experience gain for further.
Furthermore, if you want to destroy the most asteroids there, you have to upgrade your shields and your guns first.

After upgrading them, you can use the guns to blow asteroids apart
And, with your upgraded shields, you can use your ship to crash into asteroids so that you can destroy them when you will not get an access to get through them by shooting.

When starting your journey, you should map out your path through the element alpha so that you can go on the most advantageous route.
According to this, you do not need to place points everywhere, whereby all of the thickest points are down a straight line.

Also, you can hit the back button if you are looking at a very thin field of element alpha
At this point, just reload the pre-level page to see if a thicker field of element alpha has comes out.

In addition, you have to add the level of your fins to speed up the speed of your turns, as it helps with asteroids specially.
Increasing the level of your intakes will also make you grab more element alpha from a wider area.
Get your ship to go faster by increasing the level of your engines before going on the air

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