Gold Antimatter Cheats PlunderNauts on Android

Gold and antimatter are the currencies in plundernauts from backflip studios game
Gold is used to purchase various upgrades and crafting materials.
And, Antimatter is the premium currency of the game which can be used to purchase new spaceships and crewmembers.

plundernauts tips

Before going to gather those currencies, make sure you have filled your reactor energy
When being at a planet that contains only loot boxes and gun turrets, make sure that planet contains loot and gun turrets beforehand

To know this, you can tap the info button for this planet on the main map screen then go to this planet and collect all but one of the loot boxes, and let yourself get killed then repeat this until your reactor runs out of energy.

Afterwards, you can restore its energy by doing the time lapse cheat, by setting the date and time settings on your phone or tablet
In line with this, you can set them ahead by about 45 minutes to an hour, then get back to the game.

Doing so will get a complete refill of reactor energy.
After you do that, go back to the game to verify that your energy is refilled, then go back to your date and time settings and set the time back to normal.

Now go back to the game and you will get your reactor energy still there and you can do this trick as many times as you want without setting the time way way ahead on your device.
In order to get more gold, you can sell the leftovers to earn more them so that you can buy new wares and better equipment.

Alternatively, yo can go to the loot planet, collect all but one of the boxes, get killed, and repeat until your energy runs out.
Then get a free energy refill using the time lapse cheat.
You can do this time and time again to get free unlimited gold and antimatter then just beat the stage and move on.

Anyway, having all of that extra gold will make you easy to complete bounties.
Completing bounties is your number one way of earning more antimatter.

For such reasons, you have to complete the bounties as quickly as possible in order to load up them
By having that antimatter, you can spend them on better ships before you even have a chance to get stuck on the stage.

In addition, if you want to load up on gold and antimatter for free, just do the following trick.
When you get to a planet with just leave boxes, go there, collect all but one of the boxes, then either quit or let the gun turrets kill you.
Simply keep doing so until you run yourself completely out of reactor energy so that you can have an access to earn antimatter.

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