Coins Stars Cheats Pocket Gunfighters for Android

In Pocket Gunfighters game, you play as a cowboy kid cleaning up the Wild West with your gun where you will also get involved in shooting and weapon-dodging action.

pocket gunfighters tips

To perform your action, you will simply drag a finger over targets to lock onto them, then with your gun, you will shoot enemies before they hit you.

At the same time, you have to avoid incoming attacks such as bullets or explosives by swiping another finger across the screen.
Remember that you will have to stay alert of these attacks, whereby if you are hit by enemies, your gunfighter will be down for the count until you either revive him or wait a half hour.

In order to earn combo bonuses in this game, you can lock on to five or more targets by dragging your finger over them
Afterward, try lifting up and letting your chosen gunman or woman shoot away.

At this point, you should make more hits on your target, so that you will earn more coins that you can use to buy power-ups and new gunfighters.

Besides coins, you will be assigned to gather stars, in which you can earn three stars per stage along the game

According to this, you will be served with certain goals that you must complete in each stage, such as performing 40 successful dodges, hitting so many enemies in a stage or completing it altogether.

In accordance with this, missing out stars on a stage will allow you to return for actions that you will be provided you have enough available gunfighters to give it a shot.
Note that, you have to revive or wait for them to return to your line-up.

With all tickets you have gathered along the game, you can enter tournaments in the game with tickets
Moreover, you will also be allowed to grab bag of cool stuff that adds to your collection, including gunfighters, power-ups and prizes either with coins or stars.

When shooting any enemy in this game, you can try using the shotgun as it is quite effective to hit groups of enemies in one shot, such as clustered ninjas or pirates.

Anyway, your basic gun, regular pistol will be effective as well, that you can use to hit multiple enemies at once.

One thing important is always to supply more ammo before taking an adventure on each mission in that you run run short and leave your gunman or woman hanging, and have to switch to another player.

Throughout the game, you can earn or purchase select power-ups that will give you an advantage during the round, such as invincibility, infinite ammo or angel dice, which also will offers an immediate healing ability for your gunfighter.

In the way of unlocking extra gunfighters, you can use your coins.
On the other side, if you can earn a good amount of coins in the game, you will have a chance of unlocking all the content in this game.

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