Potions Cheats to Beat Boss in Inotia 4 Android

Get potions to accomplish mission then grinding or farming for leveling up or acquiring quality equipments when your character is two-three level above.

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Share your character’s status points wisely based on the class you choose at the beginning as each class needs certain stat to get maximized in making them stronger.

Pay attention on the character’s early status and divide the points based on that early condition.
d. Choose the most useful skills for your character to get it maximized and get through the early level without much problem.

Just ignore missing out in activating any of your skills because you will be able to do it as the game goes.

Always get supply of more potions and healing magic skill of any final dungeon or boss battle.
Always try to acquire 8 slot bag or even 12 slot as soon as possible

Make sure to pick up lots of stuffs during your journey and get quality items along the way.
Get mercenaries with a good stats and nearly complete skill list to help you a lot in battle

Use them also to store your items by equipping with some of the stuffs you found.
Just sell some of the item combination materials such as, leather, mithril, magic cloth or bloody fur to get cash to purchase potions or resurrection scrolls.

Get lamp to guide you when your far away from any merchandise dealer and in need of quick health potions.
Do not destroy dice but just roll them immediately and see whether your lucky enough in getting a good stat.

Get good weapons and armors from farming enemies.
Try to get one from the fusion machine and buy all means to get it as most of the stuffs from the machine that is more than good enough to use.

Try to use scrolls or jewel to enhance your weapons with enough socket and armors.
Always collect the scattered mana pieces you found during battle, since your characters’ best skills will need them for activation.

Try to finish every quest you get including those irrelated with the main storyline in order to get money and lots of exp points but sometimes you will also receive quality items after finishing those tasks.

Just level up your character quickly by fighting at the training dungeon before you start receiving any tasks inside Berkel empire.

Make sure to stock up as many potions, resurrection scrolls or any health related items you can find before entering the sanctuary.

Do mission with Elinia when reaching the second story stage in order to get stock up before entering one of the dungeon.

You can easily go back to Berkel and get supply any health related goods before you embark on the tough mission.

Tips to defeat the boss in inotia 4 berkel empire game
Always use a certain strategy against the boss.
Analyze their attacks and how much it will hit you
Always use your mercenaries to drain those bosses
Always use hit and run tactic if charging them looks too troubling.
Try to play with long range character and keep your distance with the bosses then hit him with your best skill.

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