Coins Cheats Prince of Persia The Shadow and The Flame for Android

Try to collect Earn coins cash through the battle of each level in prince of persia the shadow and the flame game

prince of persia the shadow and the flame tips

This game will take you to act as a wanderer who was actually born into royalty, and making his journey to reveal his past and to change his fate in the future.

For such reasons, you will need perform a whole lot of things like running, jumping, swinging, and fighting while collecting coins and using potions as well.

Furthermore, you will be engaged to follow storyline and fight through 14 levels in 5 picturesque environments.

And during your adventure across the scene, you will delve into the newly designed combat system and perform smooth stunt moves to defeat enemies with your sword.

By doing so, you can unlock tons of achievements and climb up high on the leaderboard then share you scores with Facebook integration.

Meanwhile, getting involve in the combat will get you to collect coins that can be used to upgrade your potions, buying new swords swords, and combos.

On the plus side, this game will supply a lot of coins throughout your adventure, so there will be no significant reason to spend real money on them, right.

In the way of revealing the truth behind his past, your hero will leap your way through 14 levels rendered in visually-stunning 3D and through 5 state-of-the-art environments while discovering an exciting new combat system with multiple enemies and tactical challenges.

Therefore, you will have to deliver some devastating combos and unlock even more powerful ones for any enemies you meet so that you can make a good progress.

Once getting a progress through each level, you will be allowed to get new weapons for increasingly thrilling fight sequences.

All you have to do is to focus on where you start your jump as where you end it precisely.
And you will also have to consider the difference between finishing a scrap off with a well-timed combo or having to wait for another attack to counter before moving on the next stunt.

Throughout the game, you r prince will swing the spinning blades and perform dangerous acrobatics while dodging a myriad of deadly traps and slicing up enemies with his sword.

When playing this game, you will be prompted to select two control schemes
The gesture-based touch controls will offer a combination of swipes and taps
And the classic virtual joystick will rely on the more old-fashioned combination of buttons and a joystick.

In addition, with the use of a separate set of controls, you need use timing your attacks and blocks just right during having in the combat zone.

You can also try to go step-by-step with “Cautious Mode” then perform fluid and acrobatic moves to overcome challenges throughout the game.

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