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Qube Kingdom is a tower defense game coming with pixel art charm where you will be able to command your knights, archers, wizards, and more
Here, you will have to strengthen your troops and build a formidable army to defend the kingdom from enemy invasion.

qube kingdom tips

At the beginning of the game, you will have to learn elemental affinity such as rock, paper, scissors cycle or more like, steel, leaf, and water
On the other side, your questors and the enemies that you will be facing will have one of these affinities, or no affinity at all.

Leaf is Organic
The steel ingot is Inorganic
The water ball thing is Magic

Magic beats inorganic
Inorganic beats organic
And organic beats magic.

Remember that you will have to keep the affinities in mind.
During the level, make sure to watch for any red explosion bubbles with one of the affinities in it as it indicates that one of your questors is exploiting a weakness

Besides the affinities, try to activate the Quobelisks to give yourself an edge
Quobelisks are little colored blocks that rest on the off lane sections of the levels and they are coming with different colored with small black dots on them.

Those dots on them represent how many enemies need to be beaten near it in order for it to activate.
When it is activated, blue quobelisks will usually open up new questor placement spots or block off an enemy route.

Yellow quobelisks function as traps and they are rechargeable
In line with this, you can use it in the beginning levels in which you can also activate a fire trap that does massive damage to any nearby enemies.

During the battle, try to avoid the dreaded red quobelisks as these will actually go against you if they are activated, and they will do things like open up new shortcuts for the enemies to take.
In the mean time, try to avoid placing questors around red quobelisks to reduce the chance of enemies dying near them.

When starting out that game early, you will be given a knight, archer, and witch.
The archer and witch are ranged units, whereby they can go on the off lane positions.

Later on, you can place a knight or any other melee questor near the ranged questor so that the melee attacker holds them in place allowing the ranged attack to pick them off.

Also, you should upgrade your placed questors to give them extra power, if you have already deployed your entire team.
According to this, your healer will be one of the most important questors
After defeating the fifth or sixth level, you are rewarded with the Healer questor who will heal your other questors

At this point, you must guide her to target another questor manually, so that she will periodically heal them until you make her change targets.
The healer does not seem to have a specific range, if you place her on specifically designated support positions.
And when questors reach zero health, they will be temporarily knocked out and they will be able to regenerate slowly over time

However, you can help speed up the process by healing them.
Then try to switch your healer’s target as necessary.

Furthermore, you must also upgrade your questors to keep them in tip top shape
After reaching level 8, your questors will die very quickly and they will do little damage.
Moreover, the enemies are getting stronger

For such reasons, you have to start pumping up your own knights
Just go into the barracks, select a questor, and hit Upgrade in which you will need cubes to upgrade your questors, and they can be upgraded to level 5 at that time.

Once getting them upgraded, you can evolve Evolve your questors to power them up dramatically
In the level 11, you will gain the ability to evolve your questors

So it is the time to perform evolution, in that you must have two questors of the same type.
Select one and choose Evolve, then pick the other questor you want to fuse with.

In accordance with this, you will be able to see what they will become before you perform the evolution.

On the other side, if the questors you are fusing are upgraded, the resulting evolved form will have higher stats than normal.
It means it will great to fully upgrade your questors before you evolve them.

If you have played this game for long period, you will often get achievement so you have to frequent the rewards board for some goodies
In these achievements, you will have rewards attached to them, so once you complete an achievement you must collect your reward.

The awards board in your kingdom will be indicated in a giant yellow exclamation mark
If you find a achievement ready to collect, go hurry to check it more often
Therefore, you will get your rewards with summoning cubes and lots of regular cubes as well

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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