Bounty Cash Cheats Rage of Immortals on Android

Rage of Immortals is a new trading card RPG which is blended with the city-building aspect where you must build up your own town while cruising through the towns of rivals and fighting them for supremacy and for super rare cards.
Here, you will need multiple classes of cards including common, uncommon, rare and super rare cards.

rage of immortals tips

Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade a card from one class to the other by using fusion.
When doing fusion, you will need three fusions of the same card, and rarity will jump
For example, common will become common+, common++, and finally uncommon.

Anyway listening to the game will be important when you want to use training before using fusion.
In line with this, all you have done with the training will increase your fighter’s level, and all of its stats

Moreover, the fusion that you have been through will increase your card’s stats and you can send the card right back down to level 1 in which it means that the next time doing a training session will upgrade it by loads of levels, leading to yet another massive stat boost.

At this point, you can try to combine fusion and training like this to make cards hugely powerful, so that it will be powerful enough to punch well above their rarity classes.

On the other side, your coins will run out fast when you are doing this fusion, though.
For such reasons, you have to build as many coin-earning buildings in your city as you can by tapping in the empty spots to bring up the menu.

So if you have more expensive a building, you will earn more maximum coins
It can earn but the slower the coins will actually come up, so it will be the best to go with in-between buildings like the water tower.
Once they are built, they can be upgraded for even higher earnings that will come to extra coins.

After going through some battles, you will gain an experience level
Thus, simply tap on the team edit button to take advantage of your increased influence.

In the mean time, you can also change your team around to put your strongest people up front.
And you must make sure to account for the differences that are made by the training and the fusion.

In addition, if you want to get more prizes along the game, you can try taking part in the quests.
Participating in these quests will always be a wealth of quests to complete, in which each comes along with their own rewards, including truck keys, coins and free cash as well.

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