Shop Points Cheats Ragnarok Ash Vacuum on Android

Ragnarok Ash Vacuum is a new city building MMORTS game, where you must focus on empire building strategy and make your own Guild camp, while collecting resources then sending your force to resist invasions with Untimate Evil and fight against other players.

ragnarok ash vacuum tips

At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced with a lot of features, including the unique story line based on the original Ragnarok: Guild Masters, more than 50 Ragnarok classes and jobs, many powerful cards to make strong weapons, a variety of dungeon raids to obtain value gear, a large number of powerful skills and more.

Furthermore, you will be able to form alliances or enemies within the 3 kingdoms to take on the challenges of the world.
Besides, your common and ultimate goal is to take down Satan Morocc in the Dimensional Gorge.

When you start playing this game for the first time, it will be better to pay attention to the tips that the narrator gives you.
And,she will come back with a brand new tip, every time that you go to a submenu or to the map screen, and then return to the camp screen.

All you should to take care about is to complete the quests that are given to you.
Along the game, you will have normal quests, daily quests, dungeon quests and colosseum quests.

Normal quests are the ones that will guide you towards advancement in the game, and it will earn you rewards as well.
Taking part in daily quests and the other two will also earn you good rewards.
Then try completing daily quests until you unlock dungeon quests and colosseum quests.

You will be given with four resources in this game namely wood, stone, food and ore.
At the same time you collect resources, you will have to upgrade your lumber yard, your farm, your quarry and your mine as quickly as you can in order to ensure a steady flow of supplies.

In line with this, make sure to upgrade your storage so that you can actually handle all of those supplies, and all of the quest rewards
It is caused by, if your storage falls behind, you will stop being able to earn resources.

In the way of gathering more resources and increase the experience in this game, you can try look around the map and find the abandoned cities because they will still be producing resources yet they will have no defenses whatsoever.
For having solid squad in this game, yo have to try to get new guild members as quickly as you can, then assign troops to them via the various camps.

In addition to building, you will have research going on as often as possible.
Thus, if yo can complete each research faster, you will have more different types of mercenaries you can hire, so that you can unlock more technologies as well.

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