Rare Cards Cheats Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade on Android

In final fantasy airborne brigade game, you must get free new cards where you will struggle to get cards of three different categories including weapons, abilities and summon stones

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade guides

After getting these cards you will have to form them into teams in order to complete quests, and to band together with your brigade and attack espers
On the other side you can also compete against other brigades to see who can do the most damage in the battle for the next.

Simply complete a good round of questing in order to get a whole bunch of new cards
Go to the “Equip” menu and auto-optimize all three of your teams.
For such reason this will automatically ensure you that the best cards will be the cards in all three of your main parties.

Always claim reward points after getting them in the Mog Box as quickly as possible
Get your rewards claimed after you earn them in the battle or you will lose them within 48 hours if you do not do so

Your reward will include a whole wealth of new cards, ethers, potions and massive loads of Gil.
When being in a brigade fight you have to maximize your rewards with using one BP at one time rather than three in which since making each attack with the 1 BP or three BP attack will earn you a wood chest.

You will have to enhance your rarest abilities and weapons first, since those are your most powerful and the ones that are the least likely to be optimized out of your party.

Try doing a proper enhancing to help you get far more damage against the espers that you fight
By enhancing them you can also beat the other brigades to the gold and silver chests and other good rewards.

Remember not to do anything as far as attack power on their own when ability and weapon scroll as they will increase the abilities of your other cards in any manner.
Afterward try to use all of them to enhance your best cards before going after espers in order to increase the damage that you do in the battle arena.

You and your friends have to band together to compete against others and embark on a quest to restore light to the kingdom’s last guardian crystal.
Try to collect powerful abilities, iconic jobs, and legendary weapons in this game.
You will explore quest areas meet bosses and also chocobos and major characters from the series’s expansive roster.

You will involve in the battle Espers such as Ifirit and Shiva, and fight some of the series’s most powerful foes alongside friends.
Join forces with friends in order to become the top brigade so that you will be able to win every battle of the quest to level up your character

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