Rare Fighters and Items Cheats DOT Defender of Texel Android

In defender of texel game, you must collect more rare fighter in that there is an ascending level of rarity namely Common or C, Uncommon or U, Rare or R, Epic or E and Legendary or L

defender of texel walkthrough

If you get rarer fighter it will be the less likely you are to acquire one as not all fighters are created equal.
Select fighter with some skills in order them to attack faster in the battlefield

The fighters with the defense value determines the extent of damage from regular and natural skill attacks.
The fighters with the agility value determines the order of actions in a battle.
The fighters with the wisdom value determines the effectiveness of magical skill attacks, as well as the damage sustained from magical attacks.

These will be 5 signs in this game namely Fire, Water, Lightning, Air, and Earth.
Sign edge will be met when a fighter`s sign matches a locale or a boss vulnerability and the fighter`s stats are adjusted upward.

Aja Leaf is called the Eightbitter Herb for its distinct tang and the leaf of the aja plant is used to restore some energy.
Nux Bits is wrapped in old love letters and sold as street snack to restore a single BP.
Nux consists of nuts, lilawater and honey, this bock of nux will fully restore your BP.
Pixite consists of some bronze crystals with piezomantic charge for a single build.
Voxite is some argent crystals with piezomantic charge for a single build.
Texite is mercurial crystals with piezomantic charge for a single premium build.

When sending skilled fighters in a battle, their skills will be automatically activated according to set probability.
This skill value varies from fighter to fighter in which the different skills are activated at different times either at the beginning of your turn or on sustaining an attack. And different skills will have a target with different sides and numbers.

You can increase your XP by winning battles, through fusion and triggers class-ups. On the other side you will need energy to advance your band in a journey in which it will recover at the rate of 1 unit every 3 minutes and in full at each level-up as well or through the use of recovery items.

Moreover BP will be also needed in boss battles whereby it will recover at the rate of 1 point per 30 minutes and also in full at each level-up or through the use of recovery items.

There will be 9 positions in a band, with 3 fighters in 3 lines in which they can be reconfigured before every new mission.
You will just swipe straight across, down or diagonally to place any fighter you have in any position, to create a winning band.

Try to include the same character in more than one line, but you cannot choose the exact same line twice.
When choosing the 3 lines the battle will play out and when all 3 lines complete their turns, you can choose the next set of lines.

Position power or POP can be enhanced using enhancement items in that when POP rises 1 level, the stats of the fighter will get a 1% boost. And you can select automatically your highest-stats fighters and gear for your band by tapping Auto.

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