Rare Loot Gems Cheats Heroes of Destiny Android

In heroes of destiny game, you must accomplish the main goal to collect gold silver coins, the premium currencies in this game
Winning the battle will earn you more loot gold and experience as well.

heroes of destiny helphint 2

Complete missions in unique boss missions then collect cool loot rewards and experience points as well
To gain free gems in the game you need to grind your way through stages and level your characters to get equipment from the stages.

With some loot you have you will have a chance to train then level up your heroes in order to attempt a shot at a tougher run.
Moreover by using gems you can upgrade your characters for new weapons and abilities then hire some allies for having backup during battling against bosses
By using silver coins you can also hire a limited number of characters in this game.

You will have to fight against many the hordes of crazed, blood-thirsty monsters and giant spider in richly detailed outdoor, dungeon, and city environments.
Therefore you have to control a team of up to 4 heroes in different classes each with their own unique skills

In the beginning you can only start with at most 3 heroes, namely the warrior of Lerona, the ranger of Norholm and the sun healer.
The warrior are always prepared to fight face with all kinds of ferocious enemies
The female ranger always helps with her precise and deadly arrows
The defenseless healer will rescue her teammates by continuously healing them.

So tap on a given hero selects them while dragging to a battle location so that your heroes will automatically attack an enemy that attacks them such as a gigantic horde of goblins and monsters with venomous bites or fatal weapons.

During the battle healers will also start to heal injured teammates automatically when a battle begins.
But you have to make sure to keep away your healer of spiders drop right into the middle of the screen

To have more back up in the battle you can hire a dozen more allies with distinctive abilities.
The succubus has the ability to spawn a pain field which can capture and damage all enemies within it.
The warlock of Jaral will be draining an enemy’s life.

With some gems you have you can upgrade power ups available on the top of yours screen and also some items to customize your character into new look.
There will be hundred of different gear types to customize your heroes and improve their combat stats
As a solid team you will have tanks, ranged specialists, healers in which upgrading them will increase your heroes skills and weapons.

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