Rare Maidens Cards Gold Cheat Valkyrie Crusade Android

In valkyrie crusade game, you will be able to get and summon over 200 alluring cards of beautiful maidens
Win beautiful cards through the battle you have won and play this game daily to get rewards

valkyrie crusade tips

Once collecting those cards, you can summon them to get specific power of each maidens
By completing quest, you will receive resources, gold and experience points which help you to level up.

Customize your very own battle unit with selections of over 200 Beautiful Maidens then fuse, evolve and amalgamate them to create the True Powers of your Maidens to face and win ongoing intensive battle.
You can get these new maidens through regular summon or rare maidens through premium and ultimate summons.

The objectives of this game are simple as you will have to collect cards, recruit troops, build structures, produce resources, battle enemies in the campaigns, and compete against other players in the world of gods.

One important that you have before going to battle is that you need to build farms, Iron Works, and Ether Furnace where gold, iron and Ether are produced automatically and accumulated over time as the necessary resources.
By doing so you can cover the expenses for recruiting and doing other stuff during the battle

So build structures and manage resources to recruit beautiful maidens that will help you in battle.
Once you have sufficient resources, you can lead your strong army and let them fight against enemies in the battle.

Your united maidens will encounter three forms of epic battle modes.
Duel will allow players to compete against other players to get Sacred Treasures.
Chronicles will allow players to go in the area of the world of gods and win victory over enemies that you will encounter.
Archwitches will allow players to cooperate with comrades to defeat powerful Archwitch in the Archwitches battle then put them on the top in the leaderboard and get rewarded with attractive prizes.

You can also summon archwitches or loot archwitch cards during their adventure, and recruit troops to enhance the archwitches’ damages on foes.
Those archwitches or loot archwitch cards consist of lovely female characters which can be used as Attack units for battles in the campaign maps, or as Defense units which automatically battle against any player who challenges to duel with you.

You can do the expansion when you explore in the campaign maps and run into enemies.
For such reason you tap the menu button, edit the units, return to the kingdom, and go back to resume the battles if you want to.

On the other side you can have allies by hiring troops two or more times while challenging a single campaign.

However recruiting as many soldiers as possible at one single attempt is optional and it needs more resources as well.

Battles are automatically started when players encounter the enemies so that they will take turns in unleashing attacks each other.

On the other word you will have to enter a campaign level, advance, claim rare treasure pieces, pick up Archwitch cards, greet with other players they meet in the same map, and fight against bosses and their minions in the combat zone.

In addition expansions and upgrades of troops are the important priorities of having a victory in this game.

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