Coins Cheats Razor Run on Android

Razor Run is a combination of the shooter and endless runner game where you will have to collect extra coins so that you will have and access to power-ups that will help continue your run

razor run tips

Then you can use them to activate a shield for your ship, or use your blasters to clear out mines.
Furthermore, you will earn a bunch of coins over the course of each run and you will go on new runs
Once gathering enough coins, you can purchase some power ups to equip your ship

Throughout the game, you will have an access to temporary power-ups that help you collect coins in much more quickly.
Moreover, a clock-slowing Bullet Time effect will get you around and grab everything while the Coin Magnet automatically attract cash in a quick time.

You will begin with a routine set of blasters, but with some coins you can purchase heavier firepower, including Burst Fire, which increases the range when shooting another ship.

And Machine Gun gives you more shots than your typical blasters, while Laser Cannon gives you a long stream of fire that can eliminate multiple mines at one time.

With blasters and a shield power ups, you are able to use these as energy builds up in the green and blue meters at the bottom of the screen.
Using a shield will protect your ship from mines and flames temporarily, in which you will have to avoid hitting some solid objects such as pipes or walls and try to plan your next move accordingly, and use the blasters in case you need to clear a mine out of your way.

Meanwhile, using blasters power up will help you shoot mines out of your way.
For such reasons, it will block the only route out of the room, so that you will still require firepower back as it takes a time to recharge.
Note that, you will face a space core popping up occasionally without your blasters charged up.

As making some progresses through the game, you will be given an access to do some upgrades that will be power collect, ammo collect, ammo use and top speed

Power Collect upgrades will charge your shield easily during your run.
Then, Ammo Collect will fill your blaster capacity quicker than normal and it is a little more practical, but it will expand your ability as well.

On the other side, Ammo Use reduces the energy requirement of your blaster, making it easier to refill.
In addition, Top Speed decreases your overall Ship Speed whereby it is also vital to your runs, because you will do move very quickly through each track.

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