Homerun Score Cheats RBI Baseball 14 on Android

Playing rbi baseball 14 game is pretty simple as you merely hit homerun as fast as you can to get high score

rbi baseball 14 guides

Then, you can let them sail by for a ball then try to get a bit lower in the battler’s box in order to have provide a better opportunity to hit a home run out of the park.

Then, if seeing any base runners in good position to steal a base, simply tap on them and they will run and the pitcher enters his motions.

Pitcher will be your key to get the best run, and you can rely on one pitch that most AI batters will swing at, so you simply by holding Up on the virtual control pad and hitting the pitch button.

Remember not to use this all the time, because sometimes the ball will fly loose and a batter will smack it.
In line with this, you can try to mix up your pitches between fast and slow, and try to throw outside the lines every once in a while to see if you can fool the batter.

At he the same time, watch out for pick-off men, whereby they may take a base before you can do anything about it.

Later on, you simply drag your finger across the baselines in the mini diamond screen to indicate the running path of the base runner.
And you are not choosing what type of pitch as you will pitch it by using a virtual stick to throw fastball, change ups, curves, etc.

This game will sometimes show you a diamond-shaped grid in the lower right corner of the screen when you begin running around the bases.

At this point, you can use this to decide to go for extra bases or slide back if you see the ball coming back to you.

On the other side, fielding is rather easy, as you can keep tabs on the ball, including its distance, with a little silhouette that appears on the ground.

And, if you need help, try turning on the Assisted option where the AI will control the fielders for you at a time.

You will get to play in three seasons namely Exhibition, Season and Post-Season.
Exhibition is a cut-and-dry one game affair

Meanwhile, Season can be expanded across a full season with your chosen MLB team that will not allow you to tweak player line-ups.
In Post-Season, you will have a chance in the chase for the Pennant.

In addition, you must unlock retro jerseys in which you have to perform with your team better, so that you can unlock more uniforms by winning each season.

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