High Time Score Cheats Red Bit Escape on Android

In red bit escape game, you will play as a red square where you drag it around the confines of a large blue square and you will not be allowed to touch that blue squares scattered on the screen.
And you must keep away from them as long as you can and make a high score.

red bit escape tips

In the beginning of the game, the first thing you want to do is either drag your square straight down or down and to the left.
Remember not to drag the square too far when making every move in this game in which you should be making a small movement at all.

Furthermore, you will usually be pushed towards the corners by the movement of the blue squares.
However, you have to try get back to the middle of the screen so that you will have more maneuver space and basically four directions to move your square when the others are closing in.

Thus, another great spot to rely on is the middle of the square.
Ont the other words, like the sides of the square, try to remain closer but be wary as the center can get pretty hectic from time to time.

When moving the red square, you do not have to be moving insanely fast but you should always be moving.
At this point, try to wait for the blue squares to come to you, be on the lookout for free spaces and always move, while aiming at getting to the center as often as possible.

Anyway, it will be hard to predict the direction each of the squares coming next, so try not to move extremely and move only when the squares get closer whereby it will be clear exactly where they are going to end up.

When walking on the screen, try to pick an area and stay there, while making minor adjustments only when threatened by the blue squares.

On the other side, reducing your area will reduce your chances of being hit in which you will lose track of the blue squares when moving all around the board.
Besides, if you want to give yourself some perspective and trace the trajectory of the other squares, you can try to stay near a side of the screen.

During the game, do not stay in the corner of the board in the long period as it is the easiest way to trap yourself.
Otherwise, stick to the middle of the screen in order to survive throughout the game

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