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Red Bull Air Race is the awesome racing series game where you can fly with your plane and it has brought back air show-style antics
It is combined them with the competitive aspects of autocross and slaloming.

red bull air race the game guides

In this game, you will take a role as a pilot in the racing series, where your goal is to fly around the world and take on an endless number of challenges, as well as upgrading your own plane into a powerhouse.

The racing itself will combine slaloming with speed.
Doing this is fairly simple, yet it can be very hard to pull off.
At this point, you will simply get the plane through the blue side of the gate, not the green side of the gate
Then, if it gets through the blue side of the gate without hitting a pylon, you will get a perfect.
On flat gates, you should keep the plane flat.

On up-turns, make sure to fly the plane upward immediately or you will stop right there in midair.
Later on, you will be able to hit a circular “gate”, and once you hit it, you must rotate the plane 180 degrees along the longitudinal axis which is half of a barrel roll to get it back on track.
At the same time, you can also race against one other plane in a time trial style, so watch on them.

After flying for so long, you have to upgrade your plane in order to go faster, bank harder and have a better chance at winning against other planes.

If you have better time, you will get better trophy.
In line with this, you are able to get either a bronze medal, a silver or a gold medal based on how quickly you complete the stage.

Once you start upgrading your plane or repairing it, it will take a certain amount of time to complete.
When being in this phase, you can wait it or you can spend gold coins to get it serviced fast.

Alternatively, you can fasten up bu do the time lapse trick
To do so, you can set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by the amount of time the upgrade takes to complete
Afterward, you can then go back to the game and you will have whatever you just cheated to get.
Then, after getting the task done, you can go back to the date and time then set the time back to normal.

When going back to the game, you will see that everything is the same
And, your rushed upgrade will still be there, then the servicing will still be complete as well.

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