Blue B Pack Cheats Road Heroes on Android

Road Heroes is a new racing RPG game, you will be given a wealth of cars to choose from in that you can get them in a card-collecting style and get some gold coins through some races

road heroes tips

Then, you can race them on a huge variety of tracks to gain gold coins and other goodies, which you can then use to upgrade your cars, get new cars and win even more decisively.

You will start off with only two race tracks that you can play at a time.
Later on, you can race tracks that are unlocked in one simple way in that you have to gain experience points and increase your level.
So if you can get higher level, you will unlock more overall race tracks along the game.

During in the race, taking corners can be a bit dicey because you have no manual brake control and your car slides easily.
Because of this, you have to experiment depending on the corner.
To overcome tight corners, you have to start your turn early, and let off the gas before going into the turn then you have to gas up again when you are out of the turn or both.

Extend your slides for as long as possible whereby you will get the speed bonus for power sliding.
To activate this bonus you have to swipe up from the acceleration button.

Having this bonus will make you race at a much higher speed, and you will also handle far better.
So try to go around your rivals when you do this because running into them will only make them go much more quickly.

On the other side, select only the shortest car possible and lengthwise one.
Going with long cars such as trucks, vans and big rigs will take up too much of the track and will make it more difficult to pass people

Therefore, going with smaller cars will provide a lot of room, and you will not hit a wall as easily even with poor handling.
Anyway, you must try playing the Grand Prix mode as often as possible because it is the only race where you can earn car parts.

You can take part in these tournaments that will go on for a limited time only
Participating in this event will not only do earn you car parts, but you will earn huge rewards, such as coins or even blue coins
After collecting some more gold coins throughout the game, you can then have a chance of having much better cars.

By using this coins, you can create unique customized racing car in which you will be able to do some upgrades on car paints, and combing parts to build your own dream car ever

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