Gearbox Cheats Robot Dance Party for Android

Robot Dance Party from mobage is a new music game where you build your own robot out of a huge assortment of parts and compete in dance show.
And, you can either dance in the solo mode, as well as questing through different songs and stages, or you can even compete against your friends.

robot dance party tips

When being in the stage select screen, you will see a symbol associated with each stage either it is a disco ball that is club, a star which is is pop or a can of spraypaint which is in street one.

When building your robot, try to concentrate on matching the symbol with the stage that you are going to play, in which huge bonuses can come from that in points, that will lead you to get more stars on the stage.

In the process, consider to select the rarity of the parts that you equip.
In line with this, you will be able to tell what the rarity which is indicated by the star rating

As an illustration, every piece in the B-Boy set that you get as a bonus when you begin the game has a rarity of 3 so that you can combine that with grinding for experience points in which this old-fashioned way will increase the experience level of each of your favorite parts.

Before going to the dancing show, you should practice the same song and always play with the music turned up.
At this point, you can do tapping, sliding, tapping-and-holding, or rapid tapping, or anything else, as well as using the music to help you tap, slide and let go at the right time

It is caused by the circles that pop up will always go with the beat.
So try to keep the circles in your eyesight and never let your finger block part of the screen.

After having some dancing practices, the event area will not be here yet, but you should wait for it to show up because this is one of the areas which allows you to compete for excellent rewards.
Moreover, there are also some events offering you some free gears, loads of nuts and bolts, and goodies such as rare robot parts and jumper cables.

In addition, if you do not have any friends playing the game on Facebook, you can always use the matchmaking feature in the battle mode then start a match against a random person.
This mode will not give you scores but there is only a ranking based on the best number of high-level steps such as perfect, great, etc

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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