Combos Cheats RPG Alphadia Genesis on Android

This game will take you to reveal Fray, an Archleign’s guild member and Corone and a knight in the Ghalzabine Army in which an army of clones is rebelling against humanity, and you must deal with them and make a peace as it was.

alphadia genesis tips

Throughout the game, you will be served with beautifully rendered graphics and vibrant Energi and Break Skills, so that you will never tire of being bloated with such a visual feast

When going to the battlefield, you will get involved in a highly efficient auto-battle function and you will roam the land with powerful monsters that you have to defeat for your purpose

During the play, some three elementals or Energi flows like fire, water, and light will be your weapons in that you must firstly learn these forces in order to become your skills that will turn into attack, recovery, and support.
At this point, they will be your priority to count on in the game.

This game will allow you to make party member in which characters outside the battle party can cooperate in various ways through the use of Assists.
In addition, you can increase your power based on the combination of submembers, attack, defense and other parameters like the critical rate.
As a result, once the Assist Gauge has come to max out, you can then deliver powerful combo attacks towards your villain in this game.

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