Ruby and Coins Cheats Line Bubble Android

Line Bubble is a shooting puzzle game where you will have just connect 3 bubbles to make them disappear for lots of points
Shoot for the unique items to have more higher scores in this game

line bubble walkthrough

Just shoot bubble into the same color to make bubble pops when 3 or more bubbles are connected
The main point is to connect the bubbles Cony fires to the bubbles that come dropping down.
When 3 or more bubbles with the same picture line up, the bubbles will burst so that you will earn points.

Note that if the bubbles reach the bottom of the screen the game is over
So you have to aim all the bubbles given carefully and try to pop as many bubbles as you can

Try to earn a lot of coins to be used to get various items
Thereby by using these items you are be able to reach high a score as you can
You have to try to make popped bubbles in order to turn into coins.
You also can share and compare your coins with your friends coins achievement
Try to transfer your coins that you have won into sticker shop

Touching “Sally” will remove a large number of bubbles all at one time.
Just fire a “Power Bubble” to create more bubble pops at once

Play this game online so that you can exchange carrots that are required to play the game
You will be vying to get more points and coins in which you will compete for the rankings.

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