Ruby Cash Cheats Spirited Soul Android

In spirited soul game, you will be tasked to collect ruby as much as possible through having a battle against enemies

spirited soul review walkthrough

When playing this game, you will have the main duty that is to help Elia and her friends to get back this beautiful world as it was
It is caused by the world became swarm with evil monsters and malignant spirits.

Now you have to fight against those monsters and malignant spirits with all your skills and weapons from your inventory

Defeating every enemy will give you a chance of getting cash to collect so that you can upgrade your items including spears, swords and more
So try to get your victory in each battle to collect more cash
Once getting enough cash you can unlock new heroes with special items and skills as your new ally

With just tapping some control option on the screen all you have to do is just to hit those monsters while using your fabulous skills and weapons as well

On the other side you have to try avoiding the attacks from enemies and delivering some hits to create more combos action used for further raid

Various kinds of Boss monsters and innumerable common monsters will be waiting for you and your minion in the battlefield

Before going to it, make sure to prepare your unique skills for your Hero and have many items to help your squad in the battle for victory.

After winning some battles you will have more rewards such as money and items in which your experience points will also be increased automatically
In addition those battles will increase your skills and capabilities of making more combos as well

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