Diamonds Cheats Runes of War for Android

Runes of War is a new real time mmo strategy game is set in the romance of the Medieval age where you will be tasked to accomplish goal that is to gather resources, build up your city to extremely powerful levels, use your army to explore and conquer the quest areas, the bosses of the Arcane Realms, and other players together with their kingdoms.

runes of war tips

Playing runes of war game will take you to manage resources such as gems, food, wood and stone to build your city
In other words, you will carefully allocate resources to feed and grow your city, forge great treasures, strategically make and break alliances, develop your knowledge of ancient magic while completing a goal to overthrow the Dark Knight and his Dragons, and establish a peace in that land

In this game, you are recruited to serve as Lord of your fiefdom who is assigned to beat back this ancient terror, and defeat the darkness and his servants so that you can restore peace and prosperity to the lands

One of the main point in this game is to gather resources namely food, wood, crystals and stone that yuo can use to build your city.
In line with this, you have to make sure to upgrade your mills as your top priority because if you have the bigger army, you will lose food every hour.
Therefore, you will not feed them forever with a negative food output unless you are constantly raiding other players and territories for gathering more resources from them.

Your army consists of three factions namely the infantry, the cavalry, and the archers.
Every of them has a specific ability in leading one of the three factions, so with a statistical boost will assign each hero their particular ability.

You can also have many heroes leading the same faction in a disproportionate amount, because of this you have to train the appropriate number of troops to how many heroes are using them.

For such reasons, you will be able to boost their strength even further, so that they can increase both attack and defense
At this point, just go to the base to train each of your three factions, and upgrade your base to upgrade your troops even further.
Afterward, go to the forge to equip your heroes, then enchant your equipment using your gold
Thus the higher your player level, the more enchantments you can do.

And one thing important is to upgrade your tavern for the ability and to recruit more the strongest as much as possible.
Besides, you must try leveling your heroes up from level one to more levels even higher
According to this, simply go to the second to last completed battle in the explore area, and use the raid function to finish many battles at the same time.

Meanwhile, you can merely try to get as far as you can in the explore quests before running out of energy and troops, or simply before hitting a wall and not being able to beat a tough battle.

In the way of collecting resources, you can add as many friends as you can
It is caused by when you go to their resource zones, you can collect their resources and water their Ancient Tree
In accordance with this, they can also do the same for you, in that will earn you resources as much quickly as possible.

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