Coins Cheats Ruzzle Adventure on Android

Playing ruzzle adventure game will get you to gather up coins and stars and you must complete before you gather the high scores whereby gaining high scores without finishing the first objective will not earn you any stars.

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Furthermore, in the levels with limited amount of moves, each word counts and trial and error for potential words will reduce your moves.
Thus, scanning the board and aiming to form power-ups will help you complete objectives and collect all three stars.

You will be provided some letters with multipliers for additional points when collecting a word.
Therefore, by targeting more multipliers, the higher overall points which in turn will earn you more stars for further.
So try to combine as many multipliers for maximum points the will come to more stars.

Anyway, if you are having trouble unlocking specific stages because you do not have enough stars, just go back to old stages and play them again.
Start with the oldest stage that you do not have three stars on as it will usually be the easiest one then you can work your way upwards until you have three stars on everything.

On the other side, gems are typically the first objective in order to collect stars.
However, the points still will still be important that will help you achieve the second and third star.

In accordance with this, try not to remove the letters underneath right away, but focus on words around the gems, more specifically, letters within the same column and underneath the gem.

In order to get the highest scores in this game, you can try combining three factors such as word length, the value of each letter, and the multipliers attached to each letter.

In line with this, the bigger the scores from each word, the more extra multipliers will pop up after each word, leading to a chain reaction, and in the case of the stages where you have to beat the water
Because of this, if you rise up quickly, you will make more boost tiles.

This game will give you at least five lives at a time, unless you spend 500 coins to raise your maximum lives to six.
According to this, you can connect the game to Facebook, so that you and your friends who play the game will be able to send lives back and forth.
Alternatively, another way to get free energy at any time is to set the time ahead on your phone, also known as the time lapse trick.

Firstly, you merely set the time ahead by half an hour for every life that you need to recover
At this point, if you need all five hearts back, then set the time ahead for 2 hours and 30 minutes then go back to the game.
Go back to date and time again then set the time back to normal and your lives will still be there.

In addition, you will need certain power ups to help you accomplish each level
In order to earn bomb power ups, you need to target words with 5 or more letters.
Doing that action will form power-ups such as bombs, so that you can clear out entire rows or columns in your next move.

If you did not find what you are searching for, you can tap the download button to go to the next file related to the game you are about to cheat

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