Cards and Coins Cheats Samurai Empire for Android

Samurai Empire is specially a combination of a rpg card battling game and a farming and building city.
Here, you have to accomplish goal by building up your town into a bustling and resource producing city then building up an army of Samurai generals and troops underneath them

Samurai Empire

Try to send out your troops on battles to collect coins, experience, resources and supplies.
Before going to battle all you have to do is go to your card deck and optimize both your attack and defense decks first.
Afterward the game will do auto optimize your decks for you.
Just click on each card in your deck individually
Try to use your resources to assign troops to each card. Note that the more troops that each card has, the stronger that they will be in battle.

In order to have your resources maximize just do the following instructions
Just move one of your resource-producing buildings out to a place at the middle of your village. Afterward surround it completely with fall trees or some other kind of tree to increase the production output by 1 percent or more for each.

Try to start jobs at all of your resource producing buildings and wait for them to be produced.
Collect from the one the resources that is surrounded, then move it out of the way.
Just move another ready building into the middle of the trees, and collect from that one too.
You can repeat those ways for all resource producing buildings.

If you have the coins try to buy a whole bunch of gardens and do the same trick above.
In this way you can collect up to 45% more output per building if you surround a building with 5 gardens but since each garden is worth a 9 percent increase.

Tips to get energy refill for free in this game
All you have to do is just wait to collect on any quests that you complete until you run out of energy.
After running out of energy, start collecting from the quests all at once.

Note that each quest that you collect will earn you an experience points in addition to the listed prizes
Before doing so there will be a good chance that you have to get another experience level just from collecting on all of them.

Tips to build your empire in samurai empire
Gather resources and power to attain victory
Build up your empire and prepare for war
Collect powerful of hundreds samurais and get samurai cards from capsules
Just do a fusion to level up cards to Conquer Battles and Dominate the Samurai Empire
Try to interact with fellow players by visiting friends and helping their cities, and greeting them to earn Friend Points so that you can get extraordinary Treasures that can only found with Friend Points.

Guides to prepare for battle to get more rewards point in samurai empire game
Try to unite all of your lands to earn spectacular Rewards
Just complete the treasure collection and get free rare cards
Always prepare your troops for battling with Rival Warriors in the midst of battle
You have to join forces with Friends to defeat rival warriors
Try to dominate rival warriors to earn more rewards
When battling with your rivals try to collect special cards in the battle arena

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