Solve All Levels Cheats Santa Rescue Saga on Android

In santa rescue saga as christmas adventure game, you can use the right tool to accomplish each challenge successfully
Here, you will to simply use the tools on the left hand side of the screen, and tap them to use where they are indicated on Santa.

santa rescue saga tips

Later on, you might work on a cropper with the tube of cream so when you are directed to use it, just hold it over the area until the mark fades.
First thing to do is to use the hammer to chip away at the stone chimney.
Then use the rag to clean up his face and get the toothbrush ready.
At this point, just hold the rag over his teeth and move the brush gently back and forth until he is fixed well
Now use the hairdrier to clear all the chunks of ice off Santa.

Afterward hold the pliers over each screw, and drop them onto the plate that is held out.
Check him up by using the X-ray sheet on his left arm as this can reveal a broken bone, then add the bandage and decorate it as you want.

As making progress from previous level, you will be tasked to complete the wrapping mini-game in order to get hold of the pick-axe.
Then, all you have to do is tap each present as it travels up the conveyor belt.
When doing so you will have to try to wrap 10 presents in 30 seconds to get your reward.

In order to cure this elf, use the cotton wool on his sore spots, then apply a bandage.
Then swipe the wool around the sore area and apply bandages to the cuts
Once doing that, use the pliers to remove any nails.
meanwhile, you can apply the hairdrier, pop some slippers on, then use the pump on his teeth.

In addition, you will be assigned to give Rudolph a nice looking while flying on the sky
In line with this, you can clear up any sore spots on Rudolph with the cotton wool and use the tweezers to pull out these twigs.

Next use the hairdrier to clear ice and bandage him immediately.
After everything is done well, wave that feather all over his body so that it can fly back nicely.

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